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Helpful Hints

Here are some of our most helpful hints for shopping Archiver’s online!

1. Log in or create an account

You must be logged into your account to complete a transaction. Don’t have an account? No problem! It only takes a few seconds to register. Simply click the “log in” link or the “register” link at the top of the site. (Please note: If you’re an old Archiver’s store customer, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you are in the online store database. You may need to re-register with us online.) If you’re having difficulty getting into your account or signing up for one, email us at archivers@archiversonline.com.

Helpful Hints

2. Shop by brand, category, or theme

With more than 100,000 products on our site, it can be difficult at times to find what you’re looking for. We have a couple of ways to narrow down your hunt:

  • Shop by brand: If you know the manufacturer of the item you’re looking for, you can shop by brand. Our alphabetical listing makes it easy to find the brand you’re looking for. Click on the name and you’ll see all of the products that brand carries, starting with the most recent. Helpful Hints
  • Shop by category: On the left side of the site, we have categorized our items into several major categories. Simply click on the category you’re interested in. From there, you may have options to filter down further by subcategory.Helpful Hints
  • Shop by theme: On the lower left side of the site, we’ve also identified some popular categories like travel, sports, baby, and more, in addition to some popular trends. Click on the theme to see products to match. Please note: This does not include all products in that theme – it is just a sampling of items.Helpful Hints

3. Search for what you’re looking for

We also offer a search bar where you can type in keywords and find items easily. Please note, you may want to start with a broader search to begin and then narrow it down from there. The older the product is, the further down the search results it will be.

Helpful Hints

4. Items with multiple listings

Some of the items on our site are available in more than one color or style, but are all grouped together under one listing. If an item says “from” in front of the price, this means there are multiple colors or styles of that item available. Click on the name to see all of the options! From there, you can select the option you’re interested in and put it into your shopping cart.

Helpful Hints

5. Newest products

When you’re browsing any category, theme, or brand page, you will always see the newest products first. The older the product is, the further down the list it will appear.

6. Product images

Once you get to a product page (with the item description), you can mouse over the image to see it larger. You can also click on the image to bring up a larger image to view.

Helpful Hints

7. New products and products featured in our emails

Want to see some of the newest items that have arrived, or items we’ve featured in our emails? We have links to both on our home page.

Helpful Hints

 As always, if you have questions, email Customer Service at archivers@archiversonline.com. For frequently asked questions and other information, please click HERE.